Manav Engineering Consultancy (MEC) offers an integrated Inspection Envelope, ensuring an audit trail for high value equipment, from manufacture to delivery on site or storage. An essential part of our services; include the preparation of an inspection report to accompany and the preparation of equipment test certificate prior to dispatch.

Full envelope included


Vendor inspection/Audits Pre- PO Award

Independent assessments to determine vendor/sub-vendor suitability prior to Purchase Order award. Criteria assessment is usually on client equipment specification.

New Equipment Inspection & FAT

We offer detailed equipment inspection during manufacture, FAT and shipping, ensuring every stage has a compliance report which is produced with a test and inspection report. This ensures total conformance to client’s standards, codes, specifications and specific scope of work stated in the PO.

Supplier Quality Surveillance (SQS)

We ensure your supplier quality surveillance services are coordinated by an experienced Project Surveillance Manager, who has a team of experienced Quality Surveyors and Inspectors working under them and their quality and certifications are continually reviewed, in accordance with existing procedures before working at the supplier’s site undertaking quality surveillance to set requirements already agreed with the customer.

Clients’ Requirements

  • Evaluation of a supplier Quality System to suit product manufacture
  • Perform a Supplier Plant Survey
  • Obtain, verify and report purchase order status
  • Survey manufacturing operations (forming, processing, welding, testing and finishing)
  • Survey, verify and report effectiveness of the supplier’s quality management system
  • Witness NDE and review results for compliance to product specifications.
  • Prepare written reports documenting surveillance activities.
  • Issue Non conformance Reports (NCRs) to supplier and provide advice to
    attain compliance and solution.
  • Verify and report NCR corrective action results.
  • Prepare release report to ensure product is shipped when in compliance PO
  • Complete Supplier Performance Measurement on all orders


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