Our Vision and Values

Our team operates at the highest level of customer support, providing superior services which make Manav Engineering Consultancy (MEC) the most prominent in this field of expertise.


Our values are closely aligned with our vision,  bringing us to the forefront of the industry, including the following:

  •  Innovation
  •  Team Work
  •  Integrity
  •  Responsibility
  •  Relationship


Our vision and values are closely aligned to our service delivery approach, the confidence of our clients in our team speaks volumes of our ability to retain key projects and the faith outstanding multinational clients have in Manav Engineering consultancy (MEC).

We are known for building long term and lasting client relationships; which is why we have a unique amalgamation of clients, including world class energy companies as well as Engineering Contracting companies.

Why we stand out

We stand out due with our technical expertise, our approach to project delivery, coupled with the ability of our team to continually deliver challenging projects in all the industries we work in, within budget and on time. We innovate, provide and deliver tailored solutions wherever there are challenges, we understand the complexities of the environments our customers high value equipment are installed in today, i.e., onshore or offshore environments.

Our innovative delivery solution encompasses delivering 3rd party inspection services, supplier quality surveillance (SQS) and quality audit. We also have a
team of specialists and consultants across in India and who c a n be called upon at short notice to work round the clock to help resolve any challenging or
manufacturing bottlenecks you may encounter.

Our experienced field or manufacturing site inspectors are linked to a virtual world with a dedicated SQS managers and metallurgists who provide required support they may need to undertake assignments on our customer’s behalf.